I was in need of a quick sale without giving my property away and dealing with the loss of my father, didn’t have the time to deal with the process of listing my house. and taking care of my elderly mother in Plano,Texas.  I called Javai and explained my situation they were able help me sell my house within a matter of days and I was able to move-in and take care of mother in a matter of weeks. Thank you so much for all your help.


Cinthia- Plano, Texas

My house was vandalized while I was working in Oklahoma on a temporary stay with my company. I left for 8 months and wasn’t really want to rent and when I returned I found my house had been broken into and windows broken which with the rain and heat of the summer months cause extensive damage that I didn’t have the time or money to fix. Javai made me a cash offer and was able to close in 9 days. Thank you guys for all your help and saved me the stress of dealing with a problem I wasn’t really ready to deal with. I use the money of the sale and was able to move into a better place. Thanks guys.


Josua- Humble, Texas

I’m so glad I decided to call. Very professional and very helpful information. I was behind on my payments and was able to sell within a few weeks and took the collection phone calls from the bank out of my life. Now I am able to restart my life and have a chance to breath again. Thank you guys for being quick in the process. Highly Recommended!


John – Houston, Texas